Conferences and speaking

Inspirational talks and training for businesses and entrepreneurs.

We provide inspiring and thought-provoking talks, workshops and training for events around the World. These talks can be on-site or virtual and can go from a short keynote to a whole day event.

Are you a company or an institution and fancy having us speaking or teaching?

We know how to energise, inspire and teach with lots of fun and humour, but always getting our hands dirty.


Our talks cover:



With Q&A

With the option of becoming a workshop

Based on real examples

Transparent and showing the ‘how-to’

Our themes

  • How to start-up: hero-entrepreneurs
  • Mindset: The way you think will help you with your goals
  • How to start an E-commerce
  • Branding. How to create a brand with soul
  • Bring people to your website and convert them into clients
  • Social media… is it that good?
  • PR 2.0
  • Marketing with influencers: YouTubers, bloggers and other celebs
  • Toxic relationships in the workplace… No Thanks!
  • Marketing for coaches, nutritionists and other healthy jobs

And many more!

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