Mentoring entrepreneurs

Our Mentoring Club is a 6-month intensive programme with online fortnight meetings with like-minded entrepreneurs. Two-hour sessions to build a robust business and sustainable in time. It’s about working better not more.

This program requires commitment and dedication but after these six month your business and your entrepreneur mindset will have a massive transformation. But most importantly you will come out with at least four new friend that are in the same situation as you, people who will grow with you.


For us is important that this programme is well tailored and relevant for you, that's why we select the right people to the right group. Want to know if you qualify?

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What is mentoring?

A mentor is someone who has been on the same path that you would like to be. Is someone who can share ideas and give you advise. Someone that pushes you and has contacts and tools to share. Someone who will inspire you.

What are we going to do in half a year?

  • Settle a stable base for your business that is aligned with your way of life and coherent with the market needs
  • We’ll work of your business mind. How to set price, work on sustainable margins and make your company visible. An entrepreneur is someone who understands the Technical part but also can be a visionary.
  • Build a reliable brand with the right personality.
  • Start a visibility plan to help you reach your ideal client effectively.

How does it sound so far?

Do you think this programme would help your business development? Are you ready to step up?

We are now booking for January 2019!

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Who is this for?

  • Entrepreneurs that want to start a sustainable, ethical and profitable business.
  • Entrepreneurs that need to reinvent their companies.
  • Dreamers who have the feet on the earth.
  • Committed people who what to work had to accomplish their life goals.

Program’s content

  • We will help you to set your entrepreneur mindset.
  • We are going to get a future-proof strategy.
  • We will define your prospects, their need and opportunities. And verify that the offer is sustainable and scalable.
  • Market positioning
  • Define your business model, development of product and services, passive income and customer journey
  • Pricing strategy: margins, acquisition, contracts and other requirements.
  • Visibility and marketing plan: in each case, we’ll work what projects need to be developed. This includes tools like web or blog, E-mail marketing, social media, SEO, advertisement, PR and many more.
  • We’ll give you ways and ideas to delegate and free up time.

* These sessions are highly tailored to the needs of the group.

How does it work?

  • We have group session every 15 days. Each session is 1 and a half hours, and they planned on a ‘learning by doing‘ methodology: 
    – 45 minutes will have knowledge presented by us
    – 45 will be presentations of the evolution of the projects from the mentorees.
  • After every session, you will have homework.
  • There will be only a maximum of 5 people per group, picked by hand to create synergies and experiences.
  • All sessions will be recorded, and the slides will be available for download.

* We foresee that you will need to dedicate around 10 hours a week to complete the work.

Check if you qualify!

We want to make sure that the groups are balanced and synergies happening.

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