Business consultancy

Are you a freelance or a small business owner who need help you with their project?

We can help you with your business strategy, business plans or give you a hand to get visibility and more clients. We can structure your website and get it ready for SEO and help you with the legal stuff. We are experts on social media, which we can advise you which network would be feasible for you if any.

Feeling overwhelmed?

We know that feeling, we’ve been there, done that, with our own businesses and with the ones that we have helped. We know the way and some shortcuts, and we want to share it!

Book the most intense and productive hour of your life.

It's a on-hour session on Skype (Google Hangouts) where we'll analyse your project and goals and from there we'll set a plan, give you feedback and ideas on how to improve your business model and branding.


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Your job should be your passion


Together we can create a job that will become your passion, that allows you to live comfortably, without stress and in abundance. We have tools to help you succeed and empower you. We believe that entrepreneurship is about personal growth, overcome fears and live your life with your values.

Business doesn't mean stress


We don’t like stress and workaholics, we don’t think that marathon workdays are that productive, and let alone healthy. We'll teach you how to be productive and have time for your.

Democratise knowlegde


We love teaching that a happy business is possible. It's quite simple, it's a company that generates profits, brings value to society and coherent with the life you want to live.

Everyone is different


We know that there isn’t a standard solution for all, each project has its in and outs. Our process is simple, will diagnose your situation and set a plan. Good businesses are the ones that have good foundations.

Profitability is key


It’s not about doing everything and a lot. Is about doing little but well done. Your business has to be sustainable and we can find ways to optimise your work.

We are fun!


We are not the type of entrepreneurs that wear ties and speak jargon. We are like you! And we think that business can be fun.

This is what we'll cover in your session

What will you get?

After our chat, you will get a clear path to build a focused business with less stress. Our intense consultancy will see you out with:

  • Defined business value and USP. The average time of a website visit is 1.5 seconds, so you need to have a concise and clear offer that attracts your potential customer.
  • Understand your prospect. If you know who you talking to you will understand how you should address to them.
  • Better business model. We’ll review and make sure that you have a sustainable business that has diversification and passive income to allow you go on holiday. We’ll also check your margins and pricing.
  • Future proof plan. We’ll ensure that you get your current diagnose but also we’ll give you tools to develop a prosperous business.
  • Personalised accordingly to your strengths. Businesses have evolved and so have clients. They are looking for more than a service, they want to see personality and soul.

About the session

The session is one hour on Skype or Google Chats. It’s a friendly chat, but intense, where we’ll analyse and suggest ways to improve your project. Includes:

  • Brand diagnose and USPs.
  • Business model suggestions.
  • Check up on your website and online presence.
  • A report of what we’ve talked about and an action plan.
  • Resources and potential networking opportunities.

Are you ready to step up to the next level?

Book your one-hour session on Skype (or Google Hangouts) and get starting improving your business model and branding.


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